Duncan McNaughton        

Head Professional

Having qualified as a European Golf Teachers Federation Professional  in 2016   

I was late into the world of Professional golf but come with a vast experience of coaching & playing at a high level in other sports.  Having worked hard on my game I now play on the UK Senior masters Tour, Golf was always my passion & I am keen through my teaching to pass on my experience along with my knowledge to help others share my love of the game.

Golf is a very technical game, with my teaching methods I simplify these helping you to understand  and maximise your enjoyment of the game.

My lessons are also meant for you to have fun & learn so the method used in the main is as follows. 

KINAESTHETIC  this being learning using a motor skill to help transmit feel, these can take the form of 

DRILLS:- demonstrating the correct method for the pupil to try ensuring their understanding during these  lessons. , 

MANIPULATION:- Hands on teaching methods, showing & moving the student to the correct positions. 

TEACHING AIDS:- Use of the teaching aids to help make it as easy as possible for you the pupil to learn & improve.


As an effective teacher & your coach I not only have the knowledge of 

WHAT to offer but i know WHEN and HOW 

Lesson Contents 

  • Safety- Basic safety during lessons & on course
  • Grip - holding the club correctly & elements of the grip
  • Set up - Aim, Alignment, Stance & Posture
  • Backswing- Turn, club position, Width & Pivot
  • Forwardswing- Width, Motion, Swing path, Spine angle
  • Putting-  Technique, Posture, set up & stroke
  • Chipping & Pitching- Feel & Touch, correct technique
  • Sand Play- Basic shots & drills make sand play fun

  • Principles of Teaching- Purpose & Objective of the lessons
  • The Psychology of teaching - How People Learn
  • Ball Flight Laws- Understanding the flight of a golf ball
  • Junior Golf- Full junior golf coaching available (group sessions)
  • Swing Plane- Understanding how the swing should look
  • Common faults & Solutions- identifying & resolving problems 
  • Basic Rules & etiquette - helping you when on the course
  • Course & shot Management- managing shots around the course

Teaching philosophy

 My teaching philosophy is Very simple with a  straight-forward  approach. 

 I believe that almost all swing problems are derived from a flaw in the starting position or setup.  The success that I've had with my students has  always been based on the achievement of a solid setup position, I spend a substantial amount  of time on grip & posture ensuring my students fully understand its importance.   The next step is explaining & demonstrating that the aim of the  club head, along with parallel body lines and correct posture are the starting  point for a solid & sound golf swing.  The next stage and possibly the most difficult is the completed back swing.  

To create this position, I use different visual demonstrations along with many drills to achieve full turn, correct position, width in the back swing & creation of a powerful pivot.  

Once the back swing has been established & my student is comfortable with this, we move onto the forward swing & follow through.

The aim is to square the club at impact but this seldom happens so I within my lessons Include the following.

Demonstrations & explanations along with my students trying the many drills the aim is to achieve width in the forward swing,  Feeling the right motion, ensuring an inside the line swing, complete the swing & maintain spine angle throughout.  Finally only when my student is comfortable to move on we move into the follow through & finish position again using demonstrations & drills along with practice.  I look for my student to achieve a full turn, weight on the target side, non target knee facing towards target line, hips facing target, chest towards target, arms & hands higher than the shoulder & finally a nice balanced finish.

The difference between a 10 yard slice or a 10 yard hook is so minute in Golf,  this is why ensuring correct club head at impact along with correct technique is so important in the game of Golf.   I look forward to meeting you and helping you accomplish your golf game goals.